Helping buyers fall in love with your home.

The Wits Treatment


All Inclusive

 We do the small and big things  that will set your house apart and sell your house in the time-frame and for the price you want. Everything below is included.


Transparent Pricing

Our compensation is simple, and straight-forward and you will never question what it cost to work with us, and you'll never be surprised by additional fees.


Dedicated Concierge

Along with your realtor, you are paired with a Customer Success Manager that offers a concierge like experience through the whole sales process.

Here are the types of things that we do to attract the right buyers and best offers:

1. Analyze

We find ways to get you top dollar and fulfill your goals.

  • Intelligent analysis of the market to see what your home should sell for and who might want to buy it
  • Identify opportunities to unlock even more equity through specific improvement projects or purposeful marketing
  • Understand all of the key features that make your home unique, and the obstacles we might be up against
  • Establish an optimal time to list and the price that will position you for the greatest success
  • Discuss a complete breakdown of the estimated costs and total take-home profit
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2. Prepare

We have a whole suite of teams ready to make your listing as smooth and effective as possible

  • Complete targeted improvement projects, while leveraging our affordable in-house construction
  • Professional design experts will identify key ways to repurpose your furniture to maximize the appeal of your home, or install hand-picked decor
  • We get the word out to prospective buyers in order to gauge the market and attract buyers even before listing

3. Capture

We use high-tech tools to capture your house and make it jump off the screen and drive traffic to your home. 

Professional Photography

Professional photographers capture your home and make it look amazing

Aerial Drone Video

Aerial photography and videography can be used to show off exterior features and the overall setting

3D Home Tour

3D virtual tours are done to give a unique look to prospective buyers, and offer access to out of town buyers

Online Marketing

Your home will be featured on all the important listing websites in order to get maximum exposure.

4. Show

We use high-tech tools to capture your house and make it jump off the screen and drive traffic to your home. 


Detail Highlights

Install unique call-out signs inside your home to highlight unique features that could be overlooked.


Smart Design

Print materials that will tell the story of your home and make it stand out.


Stand-Out Signage

Our yard signs are sharp and unique, creating a positive and memorable impression.

Experience the Difference

Wits Connection Plan

1. Schedule an Introduction

Give us a call or fill out an intro call form to connect with a Wits agent and schedule a meet up.

2. Meet with an Agent

Get together for coffee or just over the phone with your agent so we can talk in detail about your needs, desires and timing.

3. Let us be your guide

We put together a plan of action to help you buy or sell that accomplishes your priorities, and we follow through to make it happen.

Don't wait, let's start today