Brandon Stahnke, Realtor

Prior to becoming a Realtor, I worked in the cycling industry for the better part of 14 years (in both retail and business to business sales), so I am no stranger to human interaction and finding ways to serve my clients. I find joy in guiding people through financial decisions no matter how big or how small. In real estate, that can have big implications just as we state in our company mission statement; “At Wits Realty we believe that home is foundational for your well-being and stability. Without it, your entire life is jeopardized, causing stress, distractions, and ultimately limiting your impact. We are committed to guiding you toward wise real estate decisions that will help you thrive in all aspects of life.”

I feel great honor when I can help guide people through life changing decisions that will help bring stability to their lives while setting up a platform for them to thrive!


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