Real Estate Experiences

Your trustworthy guides to help you buy or sell real estate


Real Estate Experiences

Your trustworthy guides to help you buy or sell real estate

Expect More

Were you underwhelmed with your last real estate transaction?

Are you worried about being pressured into something you're not sure about?

Do you wonder if your agent cares about what is most important to you?

We Do Things Differently

We've flipped the typical real estate business model from being self-promoting and volume-centered to customer-centered. We invest in our clients and create value for them, instead of investing in billboards, park benches, and buying internet leads.  Quality over quantity.




We don’t have big egos, we focus on getting our customers great value, instead of bolstering our own careers.




We make your goals our goals and we don’t quit. We always bring our best effort and go above and beyond to make sure YOU win. 




We pay attention to details, find creative ways to add value, and are always looking for ways to innovate to make life better for our clients.

Alex D

The experience was extraordinary.  We wanted a Realtor that had a process in place that would help us walk through all the steps to closing and beyond.  We wanted a Realtor that could help us envision the final result while also providing some information on what it was going to take to get that result.  Finally, knowing it is a seller’s market right now we wanted a Realtor that was responsive and action-oriented.  Wits Realty was all of these things and more. They weren't JUST a Realtor, but also consultants with a network of players and companies in supporting roles that were equally impressive.  We can’t say enough good things about them.

Alex D.


Wits Realty helped us find our dream house at an unbelievably affordable price, especially considering the great condition of the home and quality of the neighborhood. We are still pinching ourselves, struggling to believe that this house is really ours. For that, we are so grateful to Wits and all the work they did to make sure our offer was as attractive as possible and that there were no hiccups on the path to our closing. 


More than a Brokerage

We are a group of Realtors, General Contractors, and Property Managers under one roof, working for you. Helping people buy and sell homes is our main business, but we are always looking for ways to provide more value for our clients. Here are some of the extras you have access to when you work with Wits.

DSCF0645-HDR (1)



We have a large network of assets that we love to share. Our clients will have access to vacation rentals, camping/adventure land, moving trailers, and tool & party supply rentals. 
Schwedenhaus Blau


Property Management

Owning property is a lot of work, and there's is a limit to how much you can do on your own. At Wits Property Management we treat your property like it’s our own. We focus on maintaining great tenant relationships and proactive maintenance to save you time and money.

Blind corner cabinet, island drawers and counter cabinets installed



From remodeling a home you just purchased, to fixing up a property you are getting ready to sell, we can help! Or If you want to skip the remodeling and start fresh we have a team that can help you design and build a brand new home. 

Experience the Difference

Wits Connection Plan

1. Schedule an Introduction

Give us a call or fill out an intro call form to connect with a Wits agent and schedule a meet up.

2. Meet with an Agent

Get together for coffee or just over the phone with your agent so we can talk in detail about your needs, desires and timing.

3. Let us be your guide

We put together a plan of action to help you buy or sell that accomplishes your priorities, and we follow through to make it happen.

Don't wait, let's start today

Looking to sell?

Let us give your home the Wits Treatment. We have a solid plan and the right tools to make your home stand out and attract the best offers.

Wanting to buy?

At Wits we take the time to get to know you and really understand your priorities, so you don’t waste time looking at houses that aren’t a good fit.


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